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Re-positioning the turbo


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Having whipped my cone filter off to check the turbo blades, i found it quite tight in the Mk5 engine bay to get at the turbo.


Then i thought of leaving the cone filter off to allow more air to get in, but obv put a mesh over it to stop any bits damaging the blades.


Now im thinking of re-positioning the turbo so that the blades are facing the front of the car, putting a front mounted intercooler on and seeing what happens! 8)


Has any1 tried this before? iv seen an A4 with the turbos out the bonnet, but aint sure if its wise, or whether itl do any good. :huh:

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depends on other things. Im not sure how much difference it would make but when i was in the process of doing my turbo conversion on my beetle i was told to keep the exhaust manifold as short as possible.


also will repositioining it going be affecting near by componants becuase of the heat it produces?

also if you position it by a front mount intercooler surly it would heat it up making the air hotter and less dense?????

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Very true. The heating can be cured by using heat rap and a heat shield over that. where the turbo is pos at the mom is not far off where i would move it to. And with the forward movement of air, surely it will be the engine side taking the most heat?
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