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SiV6Si's Cars


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Well had quite a few, but like Ian not got pics for all of them.


First car was a MK 1 1300 Sport Fiesta Snot Green, i had my brother put a twin weber carb and manifold on it from his MK 1 Escort he had ( i was only 14 at the time ) lol


Second car was a MK1.5 Fiesta Van ( like a mk 1 but with mk2 type bumpers fitted ), it was running a 1600 x flow xr2 engine, full adj spax and xr2 pepper pots bad the back converted for seats great laugh


Third car was a 109 Long wheel base Land rover ( just passed my test ), it was known as the minibus, cause we used to go to Swindon ice skating all 10 of us :O


Forth car was a A plate mk 3 XR3i didn't have it long - Engine Fire. :nutter: should of checked the injection banjo nuts


Fifth car MK 3 XR3, Black and Abso Mint one owner from new Original throughout, i bought it from a chap who lived down the road from me. he recently moved in and had no garage to put it, i bought it for £200 no mot no tax. it passed the mot with no work needed. :thumb:


Sixth car Audi Coupe 5S bought it on a whim. had it 3 days and swapped it for a mk 4 cabby.


Seventh car - See above


Eight car MK 3 cabby - Red bought it with mk 4 bumpers and interior in / on it, soon changed it back to MK 3 Spec. My first RST


Ninth car Black R5 GTT bought for £800 sold for £1600 7 days later.


Tenth car BMW 318


Eleventh car White 2.2l 4x4 Mondeo - Drive train tweaked by Pro drive, hammered by me ..





12th Car Red MK 1 V6 with a 2.9 engine




13th Car MK 1 Mondeo V6 Estate - Bought it of eBay traveled to Mansfield to fetch it Great car, Ended up being stripped - gear box broke :pancake:





14th car while i still had the estate - running, i bought a 2.0 l 4x4 mondeo for £50 - it had a noisy gearbox apparently, but i found the cause of the noise - heat shield tapping the front diff when the car was moving it has Rocket ship miles on its original engine 280,000 miles, bought it to strip the running gear out for my V6. couldn't use it thou, V6's rear precat was in the way for the front diff





15th Car back to another Mondeo 2.0l Ghia X this time, bit of luxury instead.





16th car another R5 GTT finished in orange pearl with a red tint, very nice and very fast - just didn't like cold weather





17th and last my Mk6 Escort - and you all know what it looks like now.

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