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Just wanna say Im going away for a while, so BYE BYE 8)


Reasons, well plenty. Ill list a few.


Been a regular member for ages, i get in a bit of trouble, with police, debt, splitting up with my fiance e.t.c and everyone takes the first instance to slag me off to no end. Cheers :thumb:


Dont know if anyone has had baylifs knocking on the door whilst your eyes are sore from crying so hard from missing the one you love. Its not nice. And i wouldnt wish that upon anybody ;)


In regards to the police, and my so say criminal record you all know Shite! i wrote a lengthy post explaining this and STILL no one understands or even bothers to take it on board. Still just here so you can all laugh and joke at my expense.


Then the greatest thing happens and my life takes a very big U turn. Who do i share this good news with, my friends on evo, who are... hold up. not supportive, find yet another angle to take the Pee outta me.


Once again, not nice. And wouldnt wish that upon anyone.


Now the reason im leaving for a while is not because im sick of hearing all this crap off you. Because those who keep "digging", and nothing but lowlifes that have nothing better to do but sit infront of a computer and write rubbish to deter the hopes of others.


The reason im leaving is because i dont want anymore rubbish to be displayed on evo as the site is without a shadow of a doubt imo the best internet forum on the net. And there are a fair few decent ppl on here.


Hopefully you all know who you are :thumb:


If anyone would like to talk on msn, ill be there, my addy is graemeleighfield@hotmail.co.uk


For all that have just joined please please please do not worry. Welcome to evo and enjoy your stay


Tatty byebye :roll:


Graeme :thumb:

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yeah np graeme... last time i stick up for you....




and thats too big lee.... its supposed to be a small violin...

twats twats twats the lotta ya ;)


i like the little violins, so small that maybe with your tight arse hole rob we could stick it up there ;)

See now what i was getting at woogie ;)

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so you say your leaving.... then hang around to hurl out abit more abuse when people dish it out to you...


taking lessons from bling then...


graeme... if you say your leaving then leave... ffs


yeah i do peewee.... which is why im joining in here now...


fcuk him

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