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I bought a set of rear lights so i could have a go at tinting them which i did, Today me and Dave got round to fitting them however they didnt fit as well as my original lights and also they have a little crack in one of the lenses....So me liking everything perfect decided i didnt want them on, So we took my orig lights off and half tinted them and re fitted them and they fit perfect and look good...


So i have a set of Half tinted rears if anyone wants to buy them :D


The lights dont look as good in the pics for some reason...think its because it pissing down, but in the flesh they look good
















What do you think ?


:thumb: :cheers:

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ruined it in my eyes ;(


very sad day


They had ran out of clear lexus lights in halfauds :(


already had the best lights for it, on it.


This mod always says to me "I was bored and modded it for the sake of modding it" :(

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