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VX owners............backwards species eh, Fcuking terrible,It may have been alright if the skirts were the right way round,lack of DTM splitter,no towbar and a tidy zorst,and spray it black,and get a new roof,and then set fire to it


Well said! :cheers:

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what do you expect at the local t'sda!

Schoolboy error by the local lad, its not ASDA


the orange on the bollards should give it away, also the bad attempt at DIY :D


i no it was B&Q.. i ment to put


what do you expect across the road from the local t'sda... but stoo hasnt put my edit button back yet... :nutter:


maybe in 6 months i will be able to edit again, when he chnages IT :pancake: :roll:

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