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Cam belt and oil.


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Hey all today Im getting my oil changed. Id do it myself but the cost works out the same as gettin some greese monkey from kwik fit to do it. SO I chose them. What weight of oil do you guys recommend for a high milage 1.6l 16v zetec. I heard 5w-30 should be ok. Any suggestions?


I also want to get the cam-belt done as its 'that time'.

I have been to two garages so far and both say £180 for the cam belt and another £60 for the power steering belt. Which according to them ''may aswell be done while im down there in the engine bay''.


Seems fairly steep to me any you guys got any suggestions as to how much I should be paying etc?


bye x

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Sounds about right for the cambelt charge tbh, as for the oil 5/30 semi synthetic is what you need, although i prefer to do it myself rather than let kwik-fit do it really :))

flush engine, change oil filter, pop in fresh oil job done, at least you know its done proper where they may let a 16 year old monkey do it at kwik-fit :blink:

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i could think of better ways to spend 150 quid !! cossie brakes for one !!

but it would cost more than £150 to repair the damage caused by a cambelt snapping


its £110 just for a cambelt kit, headgasket and bolts (from my local suppliers), nevermind the rest of the parts and then the labour

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