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Door cards


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simplest - get a rag and work it between the handle and the card... the winder mech has a splined end and the handle has a circlip holding it on - same as a drvice shaft, working a rag back and forwards will release it careful not to loose the clip though


ha ha year use a rag make it thin tho there a pane in the arse them but bit of time and you will get there

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cheers dudes


thanx for the filter too andy, its nice, not to keen on the sound though, but an exhaust should sort that al out


sprayed the handles too, im very proud of myslef




ah so you have got it now matey... like i said the bracket is there aswell.. send us a picture so i know its in right... :thumb:


do you smooth the handle down or not mate as it looks better when you do

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nope didnt smooth them as cudnt be aresd, where does that bracket bolt on ot?

i left the lower bit of my standard air box in, then bolted onto that, very stable n no trouble, i love the sound now, i pushed the revs up high and its nice



the bolt hanget thing goes in the place on the front of the head .. like below




does that help

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