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powersteering pipes


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powersteering pipes for my new rack as its a different design to my old 1


Please see my last wanted add for pics of new fittment


im desperste for these !! :(


if u dont have any but can get some that are deffinatly the right ones then ill pay u for them plus a bit for ur trouble, as we dont have a scrap dealer over here thet breaks cars. only hope is to come across 1 waiting for the crusher. :nutter:


thanx for ur time :thumb:

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no sorry m8, its a reconditioned 1 said to fit 95>00

but i took it to ford garage and they said they sometimes order 1, get under the car to change it and find its wrong them selfs, so god nows how u tell without looking.

devboy has a 95 1.8 si and his rack is the same as this new 1, if that helps.

garage say they only did 2 types for mk6.

Parts fella is back tues, so will pop down 2moz aswell, see what he says.


Thanx in advance, ur time is much appreciated

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***turns out he took pipes of other car as well,

but ford guys say that there are five or so different versions of rack for my car (year and model) so u cant find out which rack from year anyhow, it wud seem .

only by the chasis number.

Still if any1 has the pipes with this fittment then i really do still need it.



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