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Brake Conversion From HELL !!!!!!!!&#3

Beat Master BoB

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Ok, so after what seems like a year, I finally put today aside to put the ST-170 front brakes on ... everything pretty much goes to plan without tooooooooooo much hassle and stress and finally I try to attach the banjo bolt to the final caliper and .......................


smeg ....... the thread that the banjo bolt goes into is damaged, and no matter how many times I try to play around with different combernation of copper washers and spacers etc its all useless as the banjo bolt cant be done up tight enough to even think about holding brake fluid ...


At first I thought it might be the acctual banjo bolt or the washers or whatever but I have tried and tested everything and IT IS the caliper thread ...


I did a google search and there are companies who can re-drill the threads and I also found a few DIY products on ebay but have no idea if they are any good ... looking down into the caliper there is no obvious visible damage so it cant be anything toooooooo major (can it!?)


Can anyone suggest anything ??? anyone ever used one of these thread fixing tools ??? I currently dont have a working car so any help would be very VERY lovely !!!!!!!!


Thanks all ... BoB

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They are standard ford banjo bolts ...


I just dont understand how the caliper thread got so damaged, the bolt is really REALLY loose on the one side, whereas the other side with the spacers on is nice and tight, not leaking what so ever ...


Its so bloody annoying not having a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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