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new series of 5th Gear

Lee R

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Was there a little too much excitement and banter? :P


The trailer for it looked pretty dismal. And SHE needs to be confined to the scrapbook imo.. LOL!!


and thats coming from a big VBH fan... :roll:


they've lost their best 'presenter', Jason Plato....


Vicki seems to be on drugs all of a sudden....


Tiff makes it watchable....for 10 mins he is on.


Sky+ it, watch the Tiff bits.......sorted :cheers:

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load of CRAP, it seems they thought "well, we're not popular enough so we should copy another famous motoring program that everyone loves"


"What's that called then?" "erm... Vroom Vroom?" "oh yeaaahhhh that's the one, we'll be like them, that's top class programming"


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