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Ok mate, im board outta my brains, lets have a challange, along the lines of Jo Whilies Tedious link's, I am going to give you a word, and then you will have to find a picture that relaes to it, and then i find a picture etc............


use the image search on google.com if ur stuck, ok?


Right, first word is........................





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Another Hans:




Hans Christian Anderson. He was born on 2. April 1805 in Odense (Denmark). He was son of a poor shoemaker and could hardly attend school. In 1822 he went to the Latinschool in Slagelse. He died in Copenhagen 4. August 1875 in the age of 70 years. A museum is opened in his hometown Odense (Fyn, Denmark).


right, that's me for tonight. Let's make this a recurring thing. It's fun! :D

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Here we go, Denemarks national flag is a red flag white a white cross, which is actually the opposite of a white flag with a red cross. Red is the colour you see when you are cross, another word for cross is angry, angry people will start to try and hit you, and when they hit you you will have to defend yourself, someone who taught people how to defend themselves was Bruce Lee who stared in loads of movies, and a TV series where he played a character called the Green Hornet, a Hornet is a type of flying insect, much like a Wasp, or a Bee, Bee is the first word of the band Name BEE GEE's, and that is how we get from Denemark to the BEE GEES!





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The second part of Bee Gee's is the word 'Gee'. During the 1950's, it was common place for a young child, especially in America, to use the word, 'Gee Whizz'.


Billy Whizz is a cartoon character regularly found in 'The Beano' comic. the sister comic of the Beano is the 'Dandy'. The main character is Desperate Dan. He eats cow pies.


The main ingredient in cow pies is cow, mainly found in fields up and down the country, eating grass or being burnt cos they got disease.


A famous disease is called 'leprosy'. In an episode of the Simpsons once, Nelson attempted to get off school by forging a note saying he had Leprosy. The voice of Bart Simpson is played by Nancy Cartwright, who also had a role as a voice of that flat person 'Mike' in the 1986 childrens cartoon 'Galaxy High school'.


The main character of 'Galaxy high school' is a bloke called 'Doyle'.





Another famous Doyle is author Arthur Conan Doyle. :]

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Arthur Conan Doyle - Another famous Conan, is Conan the Barbairian, which is a movie character played by Arnald Schwatziniger (or something like that) who also started in the movie TWINS with Danny DeVito, Danny DeVito for ages stared in a TV show called Taxi, which also featured Andy Kauffman, Andy Kaufman recently had a movie about his life made, which was called man on the moon, there hasn't been a man on the moon in some time now, however one man who was on the moon was Neil Armstrong, who just so happens to share the same first name as Neil Diamond, Diamonds are precious Gems which are found in the earth as well as being a symbol of foreverness, Diamonds are forever was a James Bond movie which features Sean Connery, who also happened to star in the movie the Rock with Nicholas Cage, Nicholas Cage was also in a movie with John Trevolta called Face / Off, the first word in Face / Off is Face, which leads us very nicely to Face, who was one of the four members of the a-team, and that is how we get from Arthur Conan Doyle to the A - team!





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The A team featured a character called Mr. T, who's real name is BA Baracus. The line 'Dont wanna cause a roucus for BA Baracus' was featured in the title music for the Kids TV show, Supergran, which was scottish.


A famous Scottish singer is Midge Ure, who helped write record the Band Aid single, 'Do they Know it's Christmas?'. The Americans then stole the idea, and recorded 'USA for Africa'.


A singer on 'USA for Africa' was Diana Ross, who looks like Yoda from Star wars. Stars are used for astronomy, in which Mystic Meg excels at predicting stuff. Mystic Meg used to appear on the 'National Lottery' programme, to predict who would win it. Another famous person to appear on the National Lottery show was Gordon Kennedy, who appeared on 'Red Dwarf' as Hudson 10. Chris Barrie played 'Rimmer' in Red Dwarf, and also......




Gordon Brittas in 'The Brittas Empire'. :]

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The Brittas Empire - Brittas is the first word in Brittas Water Filter's which help to have clean water, "Filter" is the name of a popular band from a few years ago with the song "Take A Picture," now if you where wanting to take a picture you would proabley use a cmera, and if you where using a camera theres a good chance you would have a Canon Camera, now Canon sounds a bit like Cannon which is what pirates used to fire CannonBalls at ships so they could sink them and steal their cargo, CannonBall's sounds a bit bike Cannon and Ball who where a popular (debatable) comedy duo from yonks ago of the TV, another funny man who can be seen on tv a lot recently is George W. Bush who is determined to try and kill Saddam Hussian and Bin Ladin who are terrorists, terrorists will sometimes use guns and bombs to blow up stuff, blow up sounds a bit like "Blow-ups" which is what Mathew Kelly will have to use to ever have a sexual partner again, another famous partner was Dec, whos best mate is Ant, Ant and Dec used to be in Byker Groove when they where younger, now Byker's are a type of spicy crisp (over here at least anyways!), Victoria Beckem was recently used in an advert for crisps for Walkers, Victoria used to be in the Spice Girls, as did Geri Haliwell who also happened to have some naked pictures of herself posted in Playboy when se was a young one of 18, 18 is the age you can purcahse booze legally and also the age you can get married at, unless youlive in Scotland where you can get married at just 16, just 16 is infact not the name of a popular girls mag, which is called Just 17, Just is part of Justin Timberlake's name, and that is how we get from the Brittas Empire to Justin Timberlake.



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