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Who is your ultimate Lesbian couple?


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Been lookin' at them Tatu birds. Although the idea of 'em is good, they could have got a coupla fitter birds instead. :(


If you had to invent your perfect lesbo couple for pornographical filming purposes, who would you choose?


I'd go for Sarah Lou from Corrie, I'd probably have her flickin' Zoe from Eastenders's bean.


Opinions? :)

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I can't really post that one, as she has bit's showing, so here's another one from my "special collection" that keeps me company on lonely nights! :D


The last one is my favourite! She has a younger sister as well, but I cannot post those pictures, if I don't wanna get arrested, cause alough they are both, 18 and 19, theres no way they look it..............!










Tissues please!

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