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My new Mark 6 Cabbie


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Sweet motor m8!


Think you e-mailed me last week, soz I didnt get back, was meant to but forgot.

The cossie kit varies on price (depends who you prefer to use) genuine panels cost a lot, but are obviously the best. Mine are F/Glass and It doesnt make no odds to me cus you stand it next to genuine ones and theres no difference anyway! Just with the glass you've gotta make sure you get someone to fit it and spray it proper.

The arches will fit fine allthough I pressume theres a slight difference with the front ones (cus of different lights/indicator) I'm sure one of the lads who has cossie arches on here will let you know whats different.

Cossie lower spoiler fits, but would go for other bumpers as the standard one with a bib dont suit IMO. WRC front and ST24 rear with cossie lower would look awesome.







You know it makes sense!


Hope this helps.

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