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what is the P&P on a full GTi kit, anyone know? i've got a feelin the highest p&p they go to is £9.95 anyone confirm?


anyone bought a full kit from ESP and fitted it? was it a perfect fit, how they say it's suppose to b?




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i bought a 3 door gti kit from them a year or so a go and it fits perfect. as for p + p i cant remember how much it was but cannot be much more than a tenner. the kits even come with removable jacking point covers.

An :) ybody know how much it would cost to "badboy" a bonnet ? :)

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Nah, I got a bodyshop to do it for me, they fitted skirts and spats, painted them, painted my bumpstrips, touched up a few little nicks and dents, and replaced a rear light cos I broke it when I hit someone ;(


Its not hard to fit 'em yourself though so Ive heard but I dont have a lot of time and Id probably bugger it up so I got someone proper to do it.



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