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bad-boy bonnet


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ok, anyone know how to fit a bad-boy bonnet here....just need facts on fitting....


im in a right tits up.....


Yous may remember me posting my bonnet had problems fitting while in the bodyshop, and i went with what they said and told yous....


it now appears they didn't know how to fit a bad-boy bonnet, a professional bodyshop, they moved the lights far back as they could go until they hit the little metal bar behind them, but still the bonnet wouldn't shut, the brow was hitting off it and cracking everytime...so what do they do?? they deside to shave the whole back off, the entire metal weld that holds it all secure and compressed, and then they re-fill it and seal it with FIBREGLASS!!! and its all bloody cracked now...


so i got onto the makers as my bodyshop told me to get ahold of them, so i told them that they made a poor job in making it and it wouldn't fit so they came out, looked at the attempt, and the guy said to me "was it a circus you gave it to?" and "was the guy blindfolded??" they have ruined a perfectly good bonnet, and there still claiming the bonnet was fucked! and said they wont fix it, and said there happy for me to take it further with trading standards.....if that happens, i will get a video tape, and record myself fitting it to another scort, as the makers said it would fit IF they done it the correct way and that is;


push the lights as far back as they go, if it dont fit then, then you put the bonnet back up, get a bar, or plank of wood, and bend the metal bar behind the lights upwords so the lights can be pushed back further...and then it fits, ive looked and it gives you probably another cm or so, and all i needed was 3 or 4 extra mm's of space!!!


Just shocked me that they wont fix it.....they said they told me it was a poor job which they did, they also advised against fitting it, i told them to go ahead with it, but all that was wrong, was they didn't know how to fit the damn thing!


anyone else know of ways to fit it? just so i can make my case stronger if this does go far!

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I tell you what Will, i'd have sold the car by now......I really must be jinxed ;(  ;(  ;)  ;)  ;)


Go trading standards and screw them ; X(  X(  X(  :vangry:

not the car thats jinxed mate.....the guys just done, and ill quote from 3 bodyshops, "the worst job they've seen"


a guy at one of the garages said to me "it would have been ok if you told me someone had done it at the side of there house, id ave kept quiet about it, but a professional bodyshop offering that kind of quality, id break there legs mate"


its Shite i hate to hear but im getting used to it....and i dont really want to sell the motor after soo much money put into it :(

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