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Alarm/Immobiliser Problems


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Right, basically I went to my Grans this afternoon and as soon as I turned the key to switch the ignition off the alarm/immobiliser (not sure which one it is) just started going off - while I was in the car and the doors closed.


So I tried turning the ignition back on and the alarm was still going off, and then it stopped after about 30 seconds.


I put the key in again to switch the engine on and it did it again!


Finally I got out of the car, closed the door and did the deadlock thing and that seemed to solve it.


But why the hell did it just go off when I pulled up and switched the engine off in the first place?


I did disconnect the battery on Tuesday (to fit my new seats) and haven't used the car since then. Maybe that's why it happened?

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Yea you normally need to put it in vallet mode when disconnecting the battery (as i found out on wed) then once reconnected, take it out of vallet mode. Don't really know what you can do about it now though. Is it a standard alarm?

How do I do that? Yeah, it's the standard Ford alarm.


if its the ford alarm they are prone to this ,just a case or re setting it again

How would I reset it mate?

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