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Some people view naughty websites, and have to delete there internet history and there internet temp files... so no one finds out what they have been viewing!!!! :O but unfortunatly this also deletes other images that is stored in the internet temp files such as the zo's sig so when u come back on the website it has to download all the images again.




tut tut ross :D




P.S u dont get any of that trouble on broadband ;)

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hope i haven't offened you Zo??


like pete's 300k avatar of old it was slowing down page browsing if you wanted to scroll quickly down a page, i haven't cleared out my history folder in ages so i don't know why it wouldn't be stored somewhere.


You can replace it with something else, i didn't mean i didnt want you to have a sig or anything, please forgive me?!!!! :D :D

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