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a strange thing happened today

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i met a nice traffic warden today!!!


Where i live you need a parking permit (for the car only, not for the person) otherwise you have to park in the two hour stay plpace and move your car around. I dont mind doing this in the day but at night i want the car right outside my house cos of the drunken twats who might want to kick it.


unfortunately i got a ticket yesterday morning at 8.15 while i was in the shower, but i thought sod it nevermind. Same thing this morning im up early waiting for the warden. lo and behold he arrives and i get my sob story ready about a flat battery when he sais,


dont worry mate have a look at that sign, it sais no parking 'double yellow lines', now look at the lines, theres only one and its been so worn down its been broken in places so you can get of the ticket, just take photos of it and you'll definitely get off.


i nearly had a heart attack cos i was really gearing up for some abuse


i now feel ive misjudged them all, i hope the guy has a great weekend :P

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