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just drove down the road where i live a group of young-uns tried to throw pop all over my car, but the wind sorta made it go back on them at the time i thought sum hit my car so they got the 2 finger salute i got the wan*** sign in return.. they think they are rock in a group but when u catch them on their own they are soft as owt. You really do get some wan***s in this world.
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Just jelous we b*stards that don't want to work hard to acheive anything, and would rather wreck and ruin someone else's pride and joy, than go and work a few extra hours a week and save up for the things they want.....................


IE Fcuking INBRED DOLE SPONGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :vangry:

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i hate people like that too my cars my pride and joy and i would hate it if it got damaged in any way.


Yea, and I bet you where so proud when you managed to save up 12 tokens from Kelloggs Corn Flakes and send off for it....................... along with 27p for a stamp as well!



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