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Autoleads Fascia adaptors


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Right, I am getting royally pissed off with these things now.

My 3rd autoleads fascia adaptor has broken in exactly the same way as my last 2 :censored:

the small clips that hold it into the dash keep snapping off if i go over big bumps (which I usually do since I live out in the sticks at the mo)

Does anyonr kow of any othe company that makes these surrounds and how much? :evil: :thumb:


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i know this may sound a stupid question but do you have the platic bit that srews into the back of the stereo to slide it onto a guide at the back, this will help stop the breaking of the clips.


Only reason i am asking because i didnt get one in mine so i went back and said that i paid so much for this and it is broken they gave me a new one and the plastic bit to slide the stereo in.

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