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New shape Mondeo


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Shock New Mondeo



ake a close look at the picture to the right - can you glimpse the future in it? Ford's head of design J Mays certainly can, and he has told Auto Express what he can see is the next-generation Mondeo.


Speaking after the unveiling of the 427 saloon at the Detroit Motor Show, Mays said: "We will experiment with this front-end graphic to create the new Mondeo." He explained his team had just started work on the look of the next car, and customers will be in for a shock.


"We know where we are going with it, and we want it to be revolutionary rather than evolutionary. We have done our homework in the past five years, and we have got a very good reputation with the Ford brand." He added: "We have worked hard at how to design cars, and now we want to start being more overt and make a real strategic statement."


Mays said he wanted the new Mondeo to replicate the huge styling leap that came about when the Focus was launched in 1998 to replace the ageing Escort. He added: "We plan to get a big dose of Ford in there." The next-generation Mondeo won't appear in showrooms until 2006.


The design boss also hinted at the future of the Focus, which is expected to be shown in concept car form at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and then debut in production-ready guise at Frankfurt in September. It's the vehicle we featured exclusively in issue 705. Mays said that customers shouldn't expect too many big changes, as the newcomer will be an evolution of the current model, still Britain's top-selling car. Richard Yarrow



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And heres the FIRST concept picture of the car........................




X( :curse:


I can honestly say it looks like a bleeding 4 wheel drive.............. :nutter:

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I've seen other pics of it and it just looks the same as the new Vectra or Avensis (Unfortunately)


Is it just me or have the stylists gotten a bit lazy at Ford lately ?(

For a while there they were on a roll with the Focus, Ka, Puma, Cougar even the Mondeo. All great looking designs that stood out from other manufacturers cars. But now we have the Fiesta/Fusion the new Focus MPV and now the new Mondeo which look a bit boring IMO

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