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A Couple more

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OK ,I think I got this Photo thing worked out heres a couple more slightly larger. Spec so Far Fibre Sports Body Kit , Momo X- 1 Alloy Wheels with Avon Low profile,Powerflow Back Box.Alpine 5871 cd head unit ,4 x alpine custom speakers with alpine SD 1000w subwoofer and amplifier.


Side grills to vent the wings on order they didn't arrive in time to cut and fit.






Can't wait to get back and come to a cruise and meet some of you now I have the car looking more presentable.





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Unfortunately mine is one of the H reg escorts they built when they first changed to the mark 5 so it had the EFI 1.6 engine listed at 108 bhp (at least it wasn't the next year when they went to 92bhp). Good thing is the Car had a replacement engine 2 years ago so at least it's fairly young. I want to finish the exterior do the interior then I move to the Engine



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as said in the other post mate, thats a very smart motor :thumb:

just s couple of things tho, get them side repeaters gone for clear ones, and dont cut the wing vents in, itll take too much of the wings strength away, and youll get mud from your wheels all down the side of your car, just paint the area behind the vents black :thumb: :cheers:

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