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National kit car show stoneleigh

BadBoy Remixed

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images have been srunk by 60% but are still huge so 56k users it might take a while but worth the wait :)











and yes..... it is a wooden car and yup they are cork bumpers :rolleyes: X(





how could i leave this out.....






brilliant day out in the end and well worth the 10 quid it was to get in :D :cheers:

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Is the RS200 kit a Banham 200? Check out www.banmoco.co.uk and prepare yourself......



An RS200 replica based on.....








the Austin Maestro 8o 8o 8o 8o

nah its a sierra one mate,

ive seen one of them before tho, but it had 4 seats and the engine in the front, i think that ones rear engined? or least last year there was a rear cossie engined one

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