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Vehicle Defect Notification


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Got pulled by the old bill, got caught driving with my blue side lights on, and my new licence plates are illegal because the font is too small, so ive got 14 days to take my car to an mot testing centre and get this bit of paper stamped then ive gotta post it to the police, what balls!

Im just gonna stick my old plates over the top of my plates with blue tack when i drive in there, and ill change my side lights over just before hand, soon as im done ill put it back, fuckers! :vangry:

gonna maybe make an extra hole in my headlamps for a second sidelight bulb, so i can switch from the blues to the whites with a button...

I only had them on as toby had his neons on! and i was jealous lucky the police didnt see him 30 metres behind me with full underbody neons....

oh toby get some pics up! they took 5 hours to install and most of that time i was lying on wet gravel in pain, but they look pucker and the install was quality (you cant see any bulbs without getting under the car) worth the hassle! :thumb:

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