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focus st170

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They aint that rapid but are a good all rounder. Handling is spot on and the brakes are awesome for standard, went out in one at RS National day and was quite impressed.


What has surprised me is the North V's South thing in PF where theres one that ran a 14.8 1/4 when the best PF have managed in the FRS is 15.39. Pressuming it must have had some tinkering done cus thats quite a good time.

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Lovely motor, was out for a "test drive" recently, when I turned up at a Ford showroom in my suit.........




Love the 6 speed box, mega tight, its so nice to have a car with such a sensible amount of power and handling, would eat my Escort alive, hopefully they will keep making em with the future Focus's as I think they are a very good alternative to Honda Civic etc

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Focus ST170 - from £16,100

Developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the Focus ST170 combines performance, good looks and handling qualities that make it a true driver’s car. It offers maximum control and precision and 0-62 in 8.2 seconds for a truly thrilling ride.


Off the Ford web site...........also http://www.ford.co.uk/ie/focus/foc_specs_d...foc_specs_fuel/

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