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Hi guys ive got an L reg Escort Sunray 1.4

It doesnt have central locking or an alarm or leccy windows, its costing £650 on my mums insurance starting a new policy. My mates got a 1.6 escort same year with all the extras and hes paying £650 tpft doing the same thing as me on his mums insurance. How unfair is that?????

Ive got my car lowered 40mm and ive got 17"s on it with a peco powermaster b/box. i dont understand how thats gonna make my insurance invalid im paying too much in the first place if anything breaks on my car i wont claim on it so wheres the problem, my cars pretty much the same as standard, theyre complete skanks!

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depends where you live aswell as one street will differ to another for insurance purposes.

You might not claim on your insurance but if its your fault and you hit someone else they will claim off you.

Modifying the car will either make it faster by increasing performance - so your insurance will put it up


it will make it more desirable to pinch - and so your insurance will put the price up cos its more of a risk.

basically your gonna pay alot till your over 25

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