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I got a TV, Stereo, and PC and am gettin a new VCR soon...


I want to connect it up so that the sound from my PC, TV and VCR come through my Stereo speakers, so my DVD player in my PC will output to my TV, so my PC will "capture"/record TV on to the HDD and also so the PC can output to my VCR should I need to copy DVD to VHS.




:rolleyes: Thats what ports I have on the back of the Stereo and TV :rolleyes:


Anyone know what ports the PC and VCR will need to have and how all the rest connects up?!



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i made a diagram of mine a while back m8 you will there all day, i'll try and find it out, sound is easy as you have a inputs on back of stereo in form or phono so pc is jack socket to phono L/R converter and TV get a scart cable that has 3 phono plugs on end L/R and Video L/R to hifi again and dvd can be either L/R Phono or Coxial, or Digital if your hifi has a digital in socket, or again with scart cable, if you only have one set of phono inputs, you could get a audio/video switch box from www.scan.com or www.maplin.co.uk


Video you will need a graphics card ot a video card that has Video Out and In, most GF4 has them and should have the software as well and all you have to do to get video from dvd/video player or tele (sky,ntl or normal) is use the scart cabe that u used for the sound and get an extension cable to reach to your pc and then into the Video in socket on the graphics card hope this helps, i no what you want to do as i have done this myself but only with audio, but its quick easy to set it all up if you no your sockets and connectors and what each piece of audio/video equipment can and can't do,



Matt :thumb:

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