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How to get the best.....

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Lo guys, this may seem bit of an odd question but as im a new driver ive got to learn these things 8)


Say for instance wat would be the "procedure" for the quickest start or "pull off" dunno if thats the right word for say a 0 - 60??


In order what would i have to do so like as soon as i got the flag or watever i could pull away quickly???? :P



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well all depends really how well i know the set of lights i'm at. if you know the timing of them well enough then personally it's handbrake on with finger on release, clutch up well on the bite, couple of thousand revs then as the lights go amber drop the hand brake hit the throttle through the floor and at the same time let go off the clutch fast! seems to work well enough but be warned it's a sure fire way to kill a clutch within a few thousand miles!
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