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100 Worst Britons


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100 Worst Britons - The Results!


Tony Blair

Jordan :O

Margaret Thatcher

Jade Goody

Martin Bashir

Gareth Gates

Alex Ferguson

'H' from Steps

Gerri Halliwell

The Queen

Liam Gallagher

Chris Evans

Victoria Beckham

Rik Waller

Anthea Turner

Bernard Manning

Robbie Williams

Peter Stringfellow

Neil and Christine Hamilton

Jim Davidson

Charlotte Church

Darren Day

Lady Victoria Hervey

Prince Charles

Anne Robinson

Edwina Curry

Chris Moyles

Jamie Oliver

Cliff Richard

Max Clifford

The 3AM Girls

Naomi Campbell

Simon Cowell

Sarah Cox

Harry Potter

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

James Hewitt

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Catherine Zeta Jones

Prince Edward

Tracy Emin

Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen

Mick Hucknall

Michael Winner

Pete Waterman

Prince Naseem Hamed

Ainsley Harriot

Trinny and Susannah

Peter Mandleson

Ken Livingstone

Darius Danesh

Amanda Holden

Zoe Ball

Martine McCutchaon

Elton John

Ant and Dec

Alisdair Campbell

Ozzy Osbourne

Byers and Moore

Richard Madely

Vinnie Jones

Alan Titchmarch

Countess of Wessex

Chris Tarrant

Ben Elton

Jeremy Clarkson :cheers:

Jeremy Spake

Carol Vorderman

David Dickinson

Frank Skinner

Paul Burrell

Tom Jones

Sarah Ferguson

Carol Smilie

Liz Hurley

Princess Anne

Guy Ritchie

Delia Smith

Jonny Vaughn

Peter Tatchell


Gordon Ramsay

Mick Jagger

Damien Hurst

Julie Burchill

Richard Branson

John Prescott

Judith Chalmers

Cherie Blair

Nigella Lawson

David Beckham

Will Young

Vaness Feltz

Anne Widdecombe

Davina McCall

Chris Eubank

Lord Irving

Craig David

Iain Duncan Smith

Atomic Kitten



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Chris Moyles - Hes loud and funny, and he is a role model for everyone! *burp*

Ant and Dec - Aw ur joking, these guys are actually hilerious, more people should be as easy going as them!

Alan Titchmarch - Why, I think hes a very intelligent and repected man! Hes on par with some one like Micheal Pallian in my opinion.

Sting - What, come on, he's still a great artist and does loads for charity!

Davina McCall - I'd still stuff her, one of the foxyist 40 year olds around......

Jeremy Clarkson - The man with the best policy on the rest of the world, especially america, BLOW IT UP!




These people shouldn't be in there................ definatly!

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