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The Fabled Idle Control Valve


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Ok after much deliberation and advice from a few different people ive decided the only way to sort my idleing problems was to clean my IDLE CONTROL VALVE!

Its in the most b*stard of a position you could ever imagine and takes a very skillfull arm up behind the engine block and around the inlet manifold, its just under the bottom of the 4 inlet manifold pipes...

idlecontrol1.jpgand looks like this

its held on with two 8mm bolts one at the top and one at the bottom

if you cant even find it give up now! take your car to a proper mechanic!!!

Ok after removing the two bolts and dropping the idle control valve down unclip the wires and remove it.

Now soak in some petrol and spray wd40 on it i shook it and flicked all the crap out of it and then left it in a container with some petrol in it to soak.





after reinstalling the idle control valve 4 hours after starting the job, hundreds of obscenities later and a load of grazed knuckles i know have a car that starts and idles perfectly!! Mission a Success even thou It was as hard as fcuk...


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U see that white pot with liquid in it?

that was after i soaked the idle control valve in it for 2 mins and sploshed it around was very very dirty. I bet yours is much the same pete just not quite blocked enough to cause a problem. If your into a bit of sadism and love an impossible job go for it!

personally i wish id payed a mechanic and saved some skin off my knuckles...

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Its actually Driving a hell of a lot better feels quicker and smoother on acceleration, cant believe what a difference cleaning this part makes i hated my car last weekend sitting in traffic was a nightmare and it was stressfull to drive anywhere.. im gonna adjust the level of the idle again, i left it slightly high it idles at 1,100rpm gonna take it back to 900ish its a little alan key screw on the throttle body for any body interested just screw it in to set the idle higher and back it out for lower rpms :))
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