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my new motor


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got it wednesday,


polished and cleaned it all today even tho it got a full valet by monkeys, would have been easier if they left the motor to me to clean it, so much lumps of dried in polish thats like tar to come off....














its a lovely car to drive, the modding will begin shortly with some clear side repeators, then hopefully a full wings west kit with some rear american style lights and quad hella front lights which are on order shortly..... :S

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the engines a 2.0l pushing around 130 horses....


long story about the escort, the regular members know all about it, bodyshop took 5 months to do it, gave it back to me in a mess with around 30 things wrong with it, including every panel not matching colour, no shine etc....smoothing cracking, so the escorts been off the road since it came out the bodyshop, which was 4 months ago, so its been 9 months without my escort and still counting....


but its going back into the bodyshop on monday to get all re-done which i dont know how long it will take.

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