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Help a newbie with some mod questions...


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Hello all powerful ones! :D


I'm picking up my Mk 5.5 Escort Cab tomorrow morning! I've been scanning the net for answers to the following questions, but I'm stuck! I'd really appreciate it if I could get your insight!


1. I really want to fit some RS2000/GTi side skirts. Anyone know if they're a good fit for a 5.5 cab?

2. I also REALLY want an RS2000 power bulge bonnet. What do you lot reckon the best way of me doing this is? If I source a bonnet, will it fit? (thinking about the change in the oval between Mk5 and Mk5.5). Or should I get the original bonnet modified?

3. Rear spoilers. What are my options? Will a regular Mk5 one fit the cab?


I bet these questions sound really stoopid to you guys, but I can't find a good resource on the web to read about these kinds of mods. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great!


Great website by the way! :thumb:





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Thanks a lot for your help!


It all sounds good then. Looks like a cossie grille and RS2000 bonnet will be the way to go!


I'm going to get a set of side skirts and rear spats straight away - anyone got any recommendations about who should get my cash?


I guess sourcing the bonnet will be the trickiest of the lot... ;)


Many thanks! :pancake:



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