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sunday, FITP


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well typically as there is something decent going on this weekend i've gone and contracted flu :(


i'm totally gutted, i was really looking forward to meeting all you guys there would be there but if i'm still feeling anything like this then no way am i gonna make it.


hopefully there will be sometime in the very near future where i will get to meet you all at a meet or something ?(


anyway i'm off to feel sorry for myself a bit more now :tired:

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seriously guys i'm not just being a fag and saying i can't go cos of a bit of a cough, i seriously feel like death. i'm well defective when i get flu i get it big time, driving home 20 minutes from work was bad enough so i think an hours drive down there won't be the best idea in the world.


i'm kinda hoping for a miracle and i'll be well enough to make it (stranger things have happened).

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