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had a good cruise night


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strathy was bouncing tonight like....lots of lovely cars, lovely women, and lovely burnouts


met Andy (esc 16v) again.....thought my foci was a write off for a split second, was looking the other way, and i see out the corner of my eye this car shooting straight towards me and turning in at the last sec hehe


but andy, you missed yourself ;) we got that burd to pull her trousers and pantys down lmao.....she was a dancer for the bar in glasgow called Diamond Girls, she said she was 18, but she was atleast 30 lol, great body on her tho....


also beat a calibra on the dual on the way upto coatbridge, i was impressed, i kept on accelerating away from him, didn't even know what kind of car i was racing, so i slowed down to let him overtake, dropped it down a gear before he passed, and by the time he stepped in, just infront of me, moi stepped out again and i was away ;)


had a scary moment on the motorway tho, was coming down from about 110 on the sliproad, slowly breaking as its a long sliproad, damn focus desided to cut out.....3rd time its done it, but my oldman said its a common thing for them?


i wish i took the camera now

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