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How can i stop my brakes squealing ???


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ive noticed this with mine when i give them some hammer and ive got grooved with performance pads.


i was told to stop them squealling you have to take the pads off and sand the surface with some sand paper to get rid of the polished surface then just pop them back on and they will be fine.


i havent yet been arsed to do this and im not sure if it works but if you have a go id like to here the results if there are any

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I had this problem, i posted a message about it a few weeks back, i got my GTI in march and there was a squeaky / whistley sound from the word go, it seems to have died down now somehow, suggesting that if there was something rubbing, its now worn away - which hasnt caused me any bother yet!


how long have you had the problem

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at first with mine i thought it was a wheel bearing as it seemed to be a sort of rolling whistley noise. i had it serviced and a rear wheel bearing was replaced but the sound is still there, it could well be the pads rubbing as ive seen that on other cars, tends to just go away but if it gets unbearable or your brakes start to go crap, get it looked over
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Might be that they've used the wrong pads! 8o


The garage that sold my my GTi fitted it with the wrong ones and although safe, they rattled over bumps. Is a common mistake I'm told as there are two very similar types of standard pads, one set have 'low brake' sensors built in and the other don't, just depends which your car should have...


Took them 3 attempts to recognise they were wrong on mine! :eek:



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my front wheel sqeaks until i apply the brakes or turn the wheels more than 45 degrees has any body any idea what causes this? :nutter:


i have sprayed wd40 but that didn't solve the problem ?(


someboby help, i can't cope with it anymore :cheers:

:jaw: Please tell me u didnt put WD40 on yr brake discs/pads :nutter:


Try putting some grease on the BACK of the pads where it touches the piston - this may sort it :thumb:

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