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Was putting all my ICE back in my car today and noticed the passenger side Footwell was wet with like a orangey brown liquid look underneath the footwell in the middle and notice it was coming from a box underneath


Checked my Radiator water and found it was really low


So anyone any ideas whats wrong and how much to fix ;( ;(

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You sure it's your radiator? I had the same symptoms as you but it was due to leaking battery acid burning away the metal from underneath the battery itself, this left a gaping big hole for water to run through into the interior! Apparently Escorts are supposed to come with a plastic cover over the battery...mine didn't :evil:
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Just been out in the car tonight


Doesnt seem to have lost any water from the reservour nore does it seem to have leaked anymore onto the passenger footwell


Also i tryed the heaters and they work ok ?(



I have had the car jacked up today on one side could this have caused the leakage

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it was me with that same problem mate! the heaters will still work because you have hot water still going to the heater matrix. i must strongley advice you get the heater matrix checked. get rid of all that water and then see if it still leaks and gets wet again. its gonna cost me £120, but that is from a mate in the private.


if it still leaks then what you can do is look at your engine bay, and look between the bulk-head and the engine and you should see two running parallel to each other that are joined to two others with a plastic joiner. these two pipes have a clip on each of them that you have to squeeze together for them to come off.

once you have done this, pull the pipes away from the plastic joiner. keep the clips on the pipes for re-fitting later. then you will have the other 2 pipes still attached to the joiner but the water will just spew everywhere. so what you do is undo the jubilee clips and use one side of the joiner to join these two pipes together, thus cutting out the water to the matrix and re routing it back round the engine. Hope you understand this and good luck mate!! this should help till you have the money to get it replaced!! :cheers:

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