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Pictures of tinted windows on Escorts....


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Looking for pictures of a 5 door escort (preferably in black), with rear tints.


Looking to get the rears tinted and wanted to know of any good South East companies that would tint the windows for a reasonable price.


Also just want some pictures for inspiriation.

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Not all Escorts but a lot of motors have been tinted :thumb:


Light smoke all round, even at that a owner after me got pulled and fined to remove the fronts. The laws are pretty trict on front tints now.




Mates RS dark on the back windows, light on the front but looks a lot darker, amazed he's never been pulled.




My old Vectra light smoke all round




Old e46 light smoke all round




Old e39 facotory tints on rear (fairly dark) with light smoke on fronts




Old Focus medium tint on the back light on the front




Old Passat medium rear and light fronts




Old Merc light all round




Old Ghia light sides dark rear screen



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