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Escapes Euro Escort Van Project


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Well here we have it.


My non turbo 1998 (S) Escort 55 diesel van. Ex-Royal Mail, in a bit of a state, most panels are damaged.


Picked it up yesterday, I've never driven a escort diesel before, and for its age and miles, its really not that bad.


Think it needs a new box as its a bit soup-bowly


But when I decide and have enough money for the engine then that'll get sorted.






My plans for it are to sort all the panels out first, and fix anything not working using my donar car.


But as for future plans.



  • Seriously slam it. 60mm on 15's should do that nicely


  • Getting some tyres stretched on my GTI 15's
  • Get it sprayed the whitest white you can get, with a gloss black bonnet and roof
  • Morrettes
  • Insulated, plyline, and carpet the back out for the time being
  • Cant think of anything else at the moment because I had a fairly hefty night last night




Anyway, ill post back in a few hours my progress on the stereo system.

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Well... good luck to you mate.

I'll take my hat off to you if you pull it off!

Well make your mind up! Are you going to take your hat off or do you want Escape to pull it off?! :pancake:


A tank of diesel last for ages. I miss those days....sort of.


Has potential. Not sure of the paint job idea. Do a photoshop first to see how it looks. You might change your mind.


Nice to see another modded Van in the making. :thumb:

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Little update, took me most of the day, including taking the bits off the other car but Ive moved forward ever so slightly.



My smoothed dash fascia, with white instru. panel, white clock, and new steering wheel as the one in the van was rotten.



This is a terrible picture I took on my phone, buts my sub strapped in, in the back.





Just after fitting my white clocks, and steering wheel.






Just finished and locked the van up.





Keep watching for more this weekend.

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Im stretching tyres on to them. I really like the cossie/gti style wheels. And I already own some.




Another update, I've started insulating and plylining the back of the van, what a Shite job.


I used 30mm xtrathem household insulation for soundproofing and insulating heat etc.


5mm ply on one side and part of the ceiling, 8mm MDF on the otherside and other part of the roof.





Next ill get on to the rear doors (replace them) this week, bang new cab doors with central locking and electric windows bits already wired in.



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looking forward to this one.(not a big fan of ur fascia...it looks like something is missing..which there is)


Why have u put thicker wood on one side of the car than the other..and im also intrested on hearing how ur insulation works out,i'd like to sound deaden my volvo but dont wanna pay a million quid for the car stuff

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