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The pain just keeps on coming!!!


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And once agin the car is back in the garage again after failing its MOT on emissions. The exhaust gasket broke the day after it went through, new exhaust needed.....and once agin the idle control valve although now replaced still not solved. Its been in for diagnostics only to find out that all the wiring has corroded, to the throttle body, to the multipoint to the idle control valve and battery........except the diagnostics haven't been done obviously!!!


I've owned the car 3 months and excluding alloys i've thrown £1000 at her including the alloys nearer £1600. The annoying thing is she has really low mileage 50,000 and bodywork in good nick and thats what drew me to the car, its just everything else thats wrong and now its just a steady circle of depression....... the cat's also on its way out and today the clutch feels sloppy and the syncromesh feels clunky.....oooh!! the PAIN :vangry:

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Lol I know what youre saying , I bought an escort just before christmas had a full service history by ford and was in good nick since then It has had to have new break shoes , new wheel bearins, new brake cylinders , new clutch , and today found out the power steering bottle has got a hole in it ( easy enough ) and the cam belt is on its way out lol
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That is why i bought a Vauxhall.

:O bitch :pancake:

:innocent: It has nothing to do with it passing it's mot first time with 2 advisorys, 1 on the front discs 1 on the rear... :cheers:

My cabby passed with no advisories :P My opel did on the last one too, but before that it needed the tin worm seeing to

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