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pic request... estate...


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instead of 6x9's why not put in a decent set of components mate? but let me know what you decide cos i was lookin into this the other nite with a mate, didnt come up with much tho just building false panels as already stated


talking with a mate to day, i'm most likely going to put some components up front, with an amp. and then a small sub in the boot. a boxed one. then can always remove if need be.


and may just replace the rear 5X7's or what ever they are with some uprated ones and leave it at that!

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Awesome fronts and a sub will be much much better than average fronts and 6x9s in the boot.


If u must do something in the boot maybe make a fibreglass D pillar mount and put some small (5.25 or lower) components in there and be sure to point the tweeters somewhere useful

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well i was gonna go out and get a new headunit toady, but a customer let me down, so had a look on ebay and ended up with a kenwood kdc-mp6090r.


its not the newest of stereos, but something to get me going and a damn site better than the standard one i have. so time to start looking for a decent 4 channel amp for fronts and small sub.

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