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list of all my old cars


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rover metro si-brought for me when i was 12 done it up till i was 14 got some practice


mazda 323 f-got given to me


rover 114sli-brought cheap first underage driving offence.


vauxhalll nova lux + - got given used for a prod rod racer


vauxhall astra merit 1.4- dropped on its arse on a set of mk4 astra sxi wheels


renault 5 bog standerd-prod rod racer 2 had bad crash so stopped.


austin mini piccadilly-brought to restore got half way threw got bored still sat in garage


austin metro 1275cc-wieghed it in foot when threw the floor


ford sierra 2.0-got given used for drifting the sold it


rover 114 gta-first legal on the road car used to have so much fun with this


rover 214 gsi-blew it up on the first day.


vauxhall nova mk1 turnt into a track car.


peugeot 205 auto-brought for £20 sold it for £300


escort mk5 cabby-swapped for irish 306


irish 306- wieghed in


rare as fcuk mk2 nova sola edition-wieghed in


vauxhall corsa 1.2 payed £70 sold for £600


306 dirty derv-payed £100 sold for £200 the next day


astra mk3 mert i-scrapped


fiesta si-stripped and scrapped


fiesta xr2i race tuned-sold it worst thing i done ended up getting burnt out rolling roaded and 178bhp


ford escort xr3i-just about to get rid of this today owned it 4times now


vectra 2.2 sri 150 Yreg still own it payed £300 as timing belt slipped all done now.


vectra dirty derve brought to strip


mk6 escort si cabby sold it to buy a van.


2x fiat uno's used for field cars blew one up and rolled the other


escort mk6 van owned twice.clean it sold it got given it back lol.


mk4 xr3i cabby fitted with 1.8 zetec- best car i had till some cock fucked it


citreon saxo with a race head and a boost valve fast little fcuker-sold it kiddy wrote it off 2weeks later


ford mondeo got given it sold it to some old boy for £350


renault clio 1.2 clutch went so stripped some bits and scrapped


renault clio 1.4 stripped and scrapped as was modified


renault 19 chamade was fucked so got scrapped


mondeo estate got scrapped and cam belt snapped


fiesta si got impounded


astra mk2 cabby sold it still sat in the kiddys garage as hes done somthing with it so now its really hot.


bmw 328i still own FAST AS fcuk 225bhp


peugeot 205 brought it for £50 sold it to some kiddys for £100


renault laguna just payed £100 for this gonna mot it and sell it


cavi sri old copper car got given it towed it back 40 miles on a tow rope stripped it and weighed it in


corsa 1.2 frost blue mint colour sold it only payed £50 sold for £120


clio rsi FAST LITTLE CAR got impounded the other week


now i own a mk5 cabby


not really had the best cars but some of them were mint i mainly buy cars to make money out of

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