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Headlights Dont work


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Hi! All of a sudden both of my headlights don't come on anymore, the side lights work and so does the full beam but nothing happens when i put the headlights on and I've checked the fuses and there okay.

I've got the fog lights so i can still drive at night but unluckily my M.O.T expired today so i need to get this fixed fast, so has anyone's got any ideas? please

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only way of checking the stalks is to replace them mate really, common fault on the escorts and the fiestas, if you need one ive got a 6 speed one fore sale if needed, pm me if ya want it


ok nice one! how much do you wan't for it? and would you be able to keep on to it untill later on this week when i get some money?

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i have no idea but sounds like i need it


I've already stated that the 6 speed wipers need the Red relay, not the orange one.


will it come with the stalks or do you reckon i need to buy the red relay seperate?



Well Escort4x4 is gonna sell you a 6 sped wiper stalk and an orange relay, for the 6 speed stalks you need the red relay. He might just have made a mistake!!


But maybe this would be a better set as that clearly is the red relay.





There is also a guide for fitting the stalks and the relay in the walkthrough section!

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