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Mk5 Wiring Loom and Fusebox (Long Shot)

Andy 3i

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Right, i'm after an uncut Mk5 XR3i 130 Wiring Loom with Fusebox and ECU harness. A long shot i know, but as far as i know i need it to get the 2.0 in. Must Be complete and be able to post to HR1 1TA. I dont need the ECU itself so also must be able to split.


Or, if you have parts i.e. ECU harness and Fusebox etc. then i'm deinately interested :)


And, on the complete off-chance someone has a Short Shift kit for a IB5 box i'm interested too.


And a Rear IB5 Gearbox Mount.


And a 1.8 IB5 Box (Must Be able to Post or local to me)


And a 2.0 MAF

Thanks guys

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I'l be breaking my Si, hopefully in the next few days. It is a 1.6 but the loom is good.

I'll have a look around and see if its suitable :)


How much do you want to pay for the loom/fusebox?

PM me your best price and we'll go from there :)


i have a 2ltr maf £20 posted

PM me your paypal bud :thumb:

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