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Pressure Washer


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Hi I Have a BNIB karcher k2.100 pressure washer. I Just bought this the other night. it has not even been used. i took it out the box to make sure it was all there ECT.

Basicly the reason for me selling is that i broke the gun and lance on my other karcher. so i went to B&Q and found that the gun would be 39.99 and the lance the same again. i looked to the other shelf and saw this sitting at £58 so i bought this.(still have reciept)

Since taking it home it turns that my mates pressure washer blew last week lol. he went and bought another so i have stole his gun and lance from his so this is why this is for sale.

I will Post anywhere in the UK Mainland or i could deliver locally for some petrol money :D

Looking for £45 posted or £35 collected :D


Specs are 100 bar pressue

1.4k motor

340 l/h max :)



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