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GTI/Mondeo or Soft Spoke RS7 Alloys


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This is Aarons brother by the way.


Just bought a 1.4 today so I'm after either some GTI wheels or Mondeo wheels, ideally close to South Shields/Newcastle/Sunderland etc. so I could pick up but would consider postage if the price was right, so what you got?



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he has a budget after just forking out 1700 on insurance and 700 for a motd & taxed motor.....


he's just after standard jobbies too....


keepem comin' :-)


Tis Okay I know how it feels im 17 and mine is £1800 and year and 6 months after my birthday ive spent well over £1k on the car.


I went for some RS2000 wheels on mine bud, look good but dont look too far from standard. :cheers:

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