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I never done the job myself as i never had time to do it when i had my car..... brothers will need his doing soon the dreaded creaking has begun lol


anybody got a how to? or detailed xplantion how to change them? isit just remove bolts? or more needed.... cheers

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3 nut and bolts to undo,


1- undo lower ball joint pinch bolt (advisory to replace with new pinch bolt)

2- seperate ball joint from hub, club hammer and brute force pops them

3-undo the 2 remaing bolts then slide the old wishbone out

4-slide in new wishbone and do up the 2 nut and bolts

5- side bottom ball joint in and memba to align the new pinch bolt with the slot in the ball joint

6- Torque them up or do them up as tight as ya can then job done

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OR I can do them for ya Aaron for £15 a side ;) Plus the dreading creaking is'nt always the wishbone's mate it could be the balljoint on the anti roll bar drop link's :thumb:


Also while i'm here, Is you Liam still looking for some skirts n spats? Just this escort I bought has some fibreglass reps on it but they're not the best, they've had hole's drilled in the skirts at the top where someone has tried to rivet them on numerous times, also the spats are riveted onto the bumper, He can have the lot for £20 if he want's?

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