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my new wheels....


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as above really..i sold my seventeens yesterday to curtis0784 :D for £80...was looking round ebay and found these...

emailed the guy about them,he said he had other interest,so i left him my number for second dibs..just as i pulled up to jaffas house,the guy rang me asking if i still wanted them... :huh: so i snapped his hand off!! :D


16 inch mondys with legal tyres all round for the measly price of £80! :thumb: ;)

ill get some better pics when ive washed the car!! :rolleyes: :pancake:

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nice wheels good bargain, i paid £100 for mine and they had 205/55/16 on2 and 205/55/16 on the other 2 and they all rub on bumpy roads, i got 205/50 on front and there ok to u go full lock but im goin to let them wear down before i buy the correct size
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they have the size under the center cap im pretty sure. They'll be either 6.5j or 7j wide. That'll be the width of them in inches. 7j ones are rarer and more dished like ever so slightly. My 16s had 195/45/16 tyres although being 7j wide the tyres looked a bit stretched.
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