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trumpet size for morettes


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why dont u just take one light out....no need to put trumpet in just a waste of money

straight to the point but i think Ur rite :thumb:

init mate, no point spending money on something that will basically work just as well if not better without it there! when i get morettes im just guna attach a flexi hose to the back of the inner lamp (that i will take out) and then put it into either a custom airbox or into my cone, best induction kit you can do on an i think, with air going thru headlight straight into a box with panel filter and custom metal tubing going around engine, no hot air at all.

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It's a complete waste of time doing any of it really... unless you're really bored.


So your telling me, changing from standard airbox setup, with stock rubber tubing going over top of engine, to morette with inner lamp removed and linked straight to a custom metal airbox, with uprated panel filter and metal tubing going round the engine, would make absolutely no difference in performance at all (for example on a 2.0 zetec with 421 manifold and big bore exhaust system) ?


Or would you have to get your engine mapped differently for this setup to make it worthwhile?

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