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MK2 Focus


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Not for me, but my brother has decided to buy a car and has found a Focus. It's an 06/07, 1.6 Zetec with Climate Pack on it. It's the 100bhp version of the 1.6.


I'm sure it's a great car, and he isn't too bothered about having something super fast or anything as he lives in London, but just wondering if there is anything he needs to look out for? I've not heard any horror stories, but worth asking around.


Thanks :)

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Just don't!!!


I've had the front passenger speaker refuse to work since day one. Any time it's at ford it comes back working (for a couple of hours)

Wind blew the door shut and moved the door handle which in turn pushed the handle surround trim away from the card.

Plastic trim inside door fell off

CD player stopped playing CD's last week!


The engine is gutless (granted mines an auto but that make f all difference on a gutless engine)

It is awful to reverse as the back window is shet!

Brakes aren't great as standard.

Interior trim marks/scratches really easily.

My drivers seat is starting to wear at the front edge (looks like it's un threading) where my legs rest against it when I'm driving


Some of the Zetec's were upgraded as standard with 17" alloys and a bluetooth CD player (I think it was a CD player anyway)



The plus side is it does look LOVELY (especially since I cleaned it yesterday)

It handles well.


If it was me I'd be looking for the 2.0, preferably the TDCi

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