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Blackpool meet 09

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Quality meet, enjoyed myself yesterday, was a good laugh. Just reading back through some of the comments on this thread made me laugh out loud :roll:


Was great to catch up with the usuals Dan, Noel, Pete etc and also to meet some new people. Was good to meet Liam, fair play for coming all that way, top lad :thumb: I understood him fine aswell, i was well impressed with myself, i felt like i was in an episode of Byker Grove it was ace :roll: Abit disappionted Martin didnt turn up but theres always next time, i will pre book him The Original Spitroast from the menu if he lets us know in advance...


I was quite impressed with the place we ate at, they have done a good doing all the front up. If the main Blackpool front turns out like that, it might actually be an ok place lol...I wasnt happy with the speed bump situation though, i had to go the opposite way around a one way system because otherwise i couldnt get out of Blackpool. Blackpool proper discriminates against us low riders :( ...


Good pics there too Matt :cheers: Them ones driving home look ace, any chance you can email me the high res versions?....


As for that vid Dan all i have to say is....WHY PJ??? WHY???? .....Geoff is even in it RIP ;(


Liam, me and Dan pulled over waiting for you just after we had left the car park on the way home, so you could follow us, then you caught up and we set off and you just dissappeared again ?( Where did you go? Did you go to Martins?


All in all, it was a good day with some good banter as usual :cheers:

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Lmao!! Nah didn't go to Martins mate I rang him but no answer, and wait till the next EVO meet...Byker FTW! .... you'll see....


The SatNav got lost in Blackpool with all the closed roads so had to take a major detour :( Ended up seeing Dan on the motorway but i'm guessing you turned off a bit earlier?


Good to meet you too mate and glad I didn't speak too fast for you all ;)

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Lmao!! Nah didn't go to Martins mate I rang him but no answer, and wait till the next EVO meet...Byker FTW! .... you'll see....


Fcuk...Your not going to throw me at a bar are you ? :roll:


And yeh mate i had turned off, when we got to the M6 Dan went up and i went down....Just how Martin likes it i heard :roll:


FPMSL at your sig

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Who's Martin?

Exactly, its getting quite worrying now hope he's ok?


Cant believe you dont know who Martin is, i thought everyone knew Martin ? :unsure:


Sorry no, never actually met him just heard all the tales tbh, bit like folkelore im asuming?


Aye quite possible! Shame he didnt turn up, coulda put a name to a face!


Peewee, wheres the pics man??


All on Pbucket atm, will upload them here when i get back to my pc around 11ish. :thumb:

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Some pics for you.















Spotted this when i got to south shore. Lovely. :drool:






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